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Majestic Diary

September 25, 2008

Look at this little starling! Trinity just arrived at our sanctuary. "She" was rescued from the same pond as Neo and they used to know each other. Trinity's mother disappeared overnight--probably taken by a predator. While rescuers were trying to capture her to bring her here before a heavy rain storm came through, people at the pond were yelling at them. They didn't want rescuers to intervene because they were enjoying watching the duckling. These people were so selfish that they didn't want rescuers to safely help this motherless duckling because it is pretty for them to look at. Well, how pretty is it going to be lying dead on shore tomorrow morning.

It's at times like this that I lose my cool.

Here is Trinity and Neo together. They recognized each other right off the bat and have clung together side-by-side ever since. Well, Neo has a tough time keeping up, but he does his best to stay together.


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