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Majestic Diary

January 22, 2009

The good news is Miri is hanging strong! That's my girl! She gets meds every morning to ensure she is comfortable. She is eating and drinking and all that good stuff and every morning when I come with her meds, she gets up and starts waddling away, which is always a good sign. She comes inside and I let her swim in the tub and then I blow dry her before bringing her back out to the barn again where she cuddles up with Benny.

In other news, we had to deal with another wacko... without getting into too many details... she removed 4 ducks from a pond out-of-state and then when only 3 of them could come to our sanctuary (4th duck failed her avian flu test and could not enter CT), she ranted about euthanizing all 4 because, "the other 3 would be sad if they could not have their friend with them." So sad that they would rather be DEAD? That's insane!

Fortunately, we recognize a good bluff when we hear one. What she was really trying to do was scare us into taking the 4th duck, threatening to kill all 4 if we didn't take them together.

She called in the middle of the night last night freaking out and I told her our hands are tied. The 4th duck was once exposed to a low pathogen, non-contagious, non-mutating strain of avian flu, and even though she will never be sick or spread these anti-bodies, she is not allowed into the state of CT. We told her we can take the other 3, or she can keep a pair together and we can take the other pair, but she was unwilling to bring any of them here.

When she realized we were not going to act on her threats, she admitted that she is not going to euthanize them and is looking for another home for them. Still, others involved have advised the town official and local vets of what she had threatened and eyes are open on her should she try to do destroy these 4 healthy animals. The town only gave her authorization to remove the ducks provided they came to our sanctuary. Now that she refuses to bring them, she is breaking her agreement with the town and I know they will not take this lightly. Her problem, not mine. As long as the ducks are safe, which they are, I wash my hands of the entire situation.

Now... back to more good news... We have a newly rescued Pekin hen coming on Saturday. That is always a blessing, to save another life. I am so excited to meet her. They said she is very friendly and "comes right up to you." But everyone says that and it is rarely true, they are usually very shy. People tend to lie and tell us that because they think we are more likely to take a rescued bird if we hear they are friendly. Truthfully, their level of friendliness (Do they measure that with a friend-o-meter? Ha!) is not even in our considerations when accepting a rescued duck or goose. We simply don't care. We go by which animals are in the worst predicaments, their health and whether they are male or female (because we have limited space for males).

Someday these pages will be open to members for review, but right now I think only Elizabeth is reading them--HELLO, ELIZABETH! Since she is a true "Goose Whisperer" I am going to put in a couple special photos below for her viewing pleasure today! ENJOY!

Front (L-R):  Lewy, Joop! and Mac
Back (L-R):  Fanny, Jett and Violet



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