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Ducks Adopted by Majestic

This page is dedicated to those ducks who were among the first to arrive at our sanctuary. They were our very first Majestic retirees, and they are the inspiration for everything we do today. They each inspired life into our sanctuary and will never be forgotten.

Never underestimate the quack of a duck; for things that elicit our laughter, so too mend our hearts...

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Young Jeffrey & Young Matthew 4/23/02

Young Matthew and Young Jeffrey are the two fellows who helped start it all! The boys hatched on April 21, 200s and arrived at our home as a permanent residents when they were only two days old. We raised Matthew and Jeffrey from ducklings and fawned over them dearly.

Matthew was our alpha drake, fully imprinted and completely gentle and wonderful! Jeffrey was his subordinate and loving brother. When the boys were six months old, they begged us for some girlfriends. That's when we began doing rescues and we haven't stopped since!

Young Matthew passed away in our arms on February 4th, 2012, when he was nearly 10 years old. He was an integral member of our sanctuary and is dearly missed.

To learn more about Young Matthew click here and to see him enjoying his final days with his best friend and brother click here.

Young Jeffrey was diagnosed with end stage heart failure on October 7th, 2015 when he as 13 1/2 years old. To prevent any breathing discomfort, he was humanely euthanized while holding him in our loving arms.

Destiny Duck was one of our very first rescues. She was only a few months old when she was removed from a home of neglect, filthy conditions and overcrowding. Both she and Jezebel came to us together and were both suffering from bumblefoot.

Destiny's feet were cured, but her stay with us was far too short. Sadly, Destiny's oviduct prolapsed and she died during surgery while trying to save her.

It was serendipitous that we named her Destiny, for although her time in this world was devastatingly brief, her loss inspired the official opening of our sanctuary, saving hundreds more animals like her.

Her destiny seems to have been to open our eyes to the plight of abandoned and neglected waterfowl. She was our inspiration then and she still is now. Her ashes reside at the sanctuary.

Jezebel was one of our first rescues. She was a beautiful Silver Appleyard duck who came to us along with Destiny from a home of depravity and neglect. She was granted lifetime retirement here at Majestic. The moment we saw her, we fell in love with her. Her eyes were deep and brown and so full of soul--absolutely beautiful. You just couldn't look into her eyes and let her go afterwards. We had to let her stay.

Jezebel fell in love with Elijah and the two of them spent many happy years together before he passed away in August of 2007.

Jezebel's best friends were our two other retired rescued hens, Deirdre "Dear heart" and Vida. The three of them were like sisters and cared about each other very deeply. Together they made sure that any newly rescued hens were welcomed into the group, learned the routine and felt safe and secure while in our care.

Jezebel was diagnosed with cancer in September 2009 and was euthanized to prevent her from feeling any pain or suffering. She was 7 1/2 years old. She will never be forgotten. Her ashes reside at our sanctuary and she will forever lay to rest between Elijah and Destiny.

Leah-Evita "Vida" was an Ancona duck who hatched in May of 2002 and arrived at our sanctuary in May of 2003 after a breeder got bored with her. She was named after friends "Leah" and "David" and we called her "Vida" for short--which means "life" in Spanish. Vida arrived at our sanctuary soon after we lost Destiny duck, and we hoped that her lively name would bring good fortune to our sanctuary's residents.

Of course the great thing about having the name "Evita" was having so many songs at hand to sing to her. The sanctuary favorite was:

"Don't cry for me, my duck Vida.
The truth is, I never left you;
All through your wild days, your mad existence,
I kept my promise, don't keep your distance."

Majestic... where every duck has a song...

Always the life of the party and the kind of duck drakes dream about, this little girl brought plenty of life to our sanctuary! If there was quacking to be done, Vida was likely the one doing it!

One of our favorite things about Vida was the happy little noises she would make while hunting for worms or foraging in the grass. And although she would QUACK and run away from the boys, she would occasionally make a nest during the night and dream about hatching out her unfertilized egg. We would laugh and coax her out of the hay and onto the pond where she would swim happily all day long.

She may not have hatched out her own duckling, but boy did she take to the little rescued ducklings who came into our sanctuary, especially Gulliver. Finally... the chance to be a mother!

In her later years Vida became a seeing-eye duck to her best friend Deirdre who began losing her sight to cataracts. As Vida walked out of the barn every morning down to the pond, we would tell Deirdre, "Follow the white duck!" And she would...

At 10:00 p.m. on April 2010, at 8 years old, Vida became suddenly ill with Peritonitis and died within hours of her first symptoms. Her ashes will reside at our sanctuary among her friends where she will remain forever in peace.

Gulliver swims along behind Vida

Vida, Deirdre & Gulliver

Deirdre "Dear Heart" or "Dear-Dear" was abandoned on a pond and became one of our first retired rescues on October 21, 2004. As one of our Majestic retirees, she had a very important task to perform at our sanctuary. She was the "Mother Hen" of the flock and provided leadership and consistency to our newcomers. She is also the lovely face on the cover of: "The Ultimate Pet Duck Guidebook."

It is important that when newcomers arrive at our sanctuary, they have stable sanctuary members to show them the ropes. New ducks gain their confidence by watching and copying veteran ducks maneuver through our sanctuary's pens and through daily routines and interactions. No one was better at being a "Mother hen" than Deirdre.

Deirdre was able to relax and enjoy her year of retirement as a few newcomers joined our sanctuary to take over her role. Deirdre's last year was filled with swims on the pond, spa time in our bathroom tub (followed by a nice blow dry) and plenty of time with her boyfriends Young Jeffrey (her favorite) and Young Matthew.

One of the most special things about Deirdre was the little patch of curly feathers on the back of her head and neck. For some reason, in her last year of life, those tiny, little feathers began to curl and they were one of the most precious things we have ever seen... and we even saved a few of these treasures after she passed away.

With cataracts in both eyes and an arthritic left knee that was slowly deteriorating and increasing in swelling, we began to anticipate her end of life in August of 2010. With some good pain meds and a great attitude, she surprised us all by living a full life right up until her final moments. And then on January 31, 2011, Dear-Dear let us know that she'd had enough. Although blind, her eyes were tired and she no longer showed an interest in swimming in the tub or preening afterwards.

We increased her pain meds for her final hours to keep her comfortable and then brought her to our vet at 9:00 a.m. February 2, 2011. She responded immediately to sedatives and then immediately to the injection following. Her near instantaneous "letting go" assured us that indeed her time had come and she was ready to move on.

And now... at long last... Deirdre, Vida and Jezebel are all together again... this time with their new friend Destiny...

Alice was rescued from a pond with a dangerous and rocky shoreline--a far cry from wonderland.

Originally, Alice was going to be matched up with one of our adoptable drakes, but when she and Young Jeffrey fell head over heels in love, we granted her Majestic Retirement.

It is important when newcomers arrive, they have stable sanctuary members like Alice to show them the ropes. New ducks gain their confidence by watching and copying veteran ducks maneuver through our sanctuary's pens and through daily routines and interactions.

No matter which new rescues come in, or who is adopted out, these stable members provide the flock as a whole with a comfortable level of consistency.

Sadly... Alice passed away during emergency vet treatment on May 29, 2013. By the time she presented symptoms, her ovarian cancer had progressed too far.

In any case, we will remember this beautiful southern bell for all of the joyful memories we shared together.

Nelly-Nell was a shy Pekin hen who came here along with Jodie-Dee and a number of other hens who were rescued from a neglectful and dangerous situation. While the other ladies were all adopted out to wonderful new homes, we retired Nell and Jodie to our sanctuary.

Both ladies were given the responsibility of sanctuary mothers. It is important when newcomers arrive, they have stable sanctuary members to show them the ropes. New ducks gain their confidence by watching and copying veteran ducks maneuver through our sanctuary's pens and through daily routines and interactions. No matter which new rescues come in, or who is adopted out, these stable members provide the flock as a whole with a comfortable level of consistency.

Sadly, Nelly-Nell became cancer symptomatic in late July. Her last days with us were filled with plenty of nightcrawlers, leaf lettuce and watermelon and then we brought her to our vet on July 31, 2013 to help ease her comfortably over, so she wouldn't feel any more pain. Tay ina win, chicobee... 

Jodie-Dee lived a few years longer than her sister and was a favorite among all the ducks until, at last, her arthritic legs and weakened body gave out on her June 10th, 2015 at which time we helped ease her over to see her Nelly-Nell once again.

Both of these beautiful angels will be remembered by us forever...

Jodie-dee (L) and Nelly-Nell (R)

Jodie-dee (left) & Nelly-Nell (right)



Waverly came to us from another shelter on August 2, 2013. She and her best friend LeeLoo were the result of an irresponsible hatching project. Waverly was one of our sanctuary hens, responsible for teaching all of our new rescues the ropes.

Sadly, Waverly passed away unexpectedly on December 4, 2015. Because she had cancer in her toe (and under vet care), we think it may have existed elsewhere in her other organs as well.

Mercy & Kim during one of her laser therapy treatments

Mercy-Lulu was a human-imprinted rescue who we paired up with Piper. She was none to thrilled about having a duck as a boyfriend at first, but eventually decided he was pretty okay (although people were always a little more awesome to be around).

After years of being at our sanctuary, she succumbed to severe arthritis. Despite all attempts to keep her walking with hydrotherapy, Adequan injections, laser therapy, anti-inflammatory and pain medications, she eventually needed our help getting around.

We carried her to the pond every morning and then back up to the barn at night for over a year before she lost her ability to walk... and then to stand. Soon after reaching this stage of immobility, she began to lose interest in swimming.

She spent a good portion of her days under a shade tree in her playpen area up in Piper's pen. Here she enjoyed his company while being safely protected from any of his advances. On bad weather days she stayed up in the barn with her disabled friends Rilo and Ranger.

In the end, Mercy's arthritis worsened to the point she was completely disabled and medications were no longer effective in keeping her comfortable. Unable to bear seeing her unfulfilled and unable to do any of the things she used to love, we held her in our arms while she was sedated and then gently eased over to the other side on June 22, 2017.

Mercy-Lulu was always known as being one of the friendliest and FLUFFIEST ducks at our sanctuary. And... every single duck and goose at the sanctuary loved her, which is unheard of. No matter who she was penned with or beside, her pen mates and neighbors all became enamored by her. Boys loved her and girls wanted to be like her; even the extremely particular Rilo and Ranger accepted her as an exclusive friend in thier private group.

Indeed... EVERYONE loved Mercy-Lulu... and it was proclaimed loudly and with joy at our sanctuary over and over again throughout her entire stay with us.

Mercy was also the only duck here who ever fell in love with our shovel, which was so funny! She connected that the shovel dug up worms (her favorite snack along with watermelon) and she would chase after us whenever we worked in her pen. She would run over and hug it whenever she could get close enough. Such a special and funny little duck... one who brought so many people and animals so much joy...

She will be dearly missed for years and years to come...



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