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Majestic Adoption Contract

A contract containing the following terms will be completed & presented to you for signature when you come to adopt your new pet(s):

This contract is entered into on the                             , by Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary, Inc. (hereinafter “Majestic”) and _                        , (hereinafter “Adopter”). Majestic agrees to provide for the adoption of the duck or goose described above (hereinafter “Animal”) and the Adopter agrees to adopt according to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

The Animal you are adopting has been surrendered, abandoned, or in some way displaced. It may have been abused or neglected. There may only be limited, if any, information available regarding the Animal’s previous environment. All available information, including information on medical treatment given to the Animal, has been provided to you. Majestic does not guarantee, nor is it responsible for, the temperament or health of this Animal, other than as is separately set forth in this Contract. By entering into this Contract, Adopter agrees to:

1.            House this Animal at the residence specified on the Adoption Application. Notify Majestic if a change in residence occurs.

2.           Do Not use or allow this Animal to be used for food.  This duck/goose was treated with Strongid wormer paste, and is not suitable for human consumption.  Eggs should not be consumed for at least 8 weeks after worming.

3.            Provide this Animal with at least 2 servings of fresh food per day (morning & evening), where each serving consists of a minimal of 1 cup of feed grain specifically intended and designed for waterfowl consumption AND provide this Animal with fresh drinking water (water dispenser refreshed at least once every 12 hours) that is fully accessible to the Animal at all times.  

4.            Seek immediate veterinary care for this Animal should it become sick or injured, or relinquish the Animal immediately back to Majestic if, for any reason, the Adopter cannot provide vet care for the Animal.

5.            Provide human and/or animal companionship for this Animal. All adopted birds must have at least one other flock member to keep them company at all times.

6.            Protect this Animal from family pets and predators.

7.            Provide structurally sound and predator-proof housing and fencing for this Animal both day and night that allow for proper air circulation, protect from extremes of weather and give the waterfowl an area to remain clean and dry with soft surfaces under foot (grass, hay or sand).

8.            Do not permit this Animal access to Free Range situations (unfenced and/or unprotected areas) without direct protection and supervision by a qualified, adult human chaperone. Do not allow this Animal onto open bodies of water that are not completely fenced in.

9.            Provide sufficient room for this Animal to exercise on a daily basis and provide clean swimming water on a regular basis (kiddie pools are acceptable) so the Animal can bathe, preen, keep cool in summer and live an enriched life. Keep pens, yards, houses, etc. clean and prevent unsanitary conditions and the pile up of feces.

10.        Hold Majestic harmless for any incidence of disease in the Animal that is detected or diagnosed after Adopter takes possession of the Animal; as well as holding Majestic harmless for any incidence of disease in other birds or animals residing near or with this Animal that is detected or diagnosed after Adopter takes possession of the Animal.

11.        Hold Majestic harmless for any injuries, damage, etc. caused directly or indirectly by the Animal.

12.        Allow Majestic or any appointed representative of Majestic to make inquiry of this Animal anytime after Adopter takes possession of this Animal and agree to respond promptly (within 10 days) truthfully and accurately to any such inquiries.

13.        Promptly (within 10 days of notification) relinquish this Animal back to Majestic without contest solely at Majestic’s discretion should Majestic determine that this Animal is not receiving proper care, that the Adopter is in breech of contract, or should any member of the residence where the animal is housed be charged with, investigated for, or convicted of animal abuse or neglect.

14.       Contact Majestic if Adopter is no longer able to keep and properly care for this Animal and make arrangements with Majestic to return the Animal back to Majestic.  WE WILL TAKE ANY OF OUR ANIMALS BACK WITHOUT QUESTION! Please let your immediate family know of this stipulation in case of emergency. If you have a Will drawn, please place this contract together with your Will.

15.        Comply with the laws and/or ordinances enforced in the state and municipality in which Adopter resides.

16.        Treat this Animal humanely at all times.

17.        Remain in compliance with all special laws and health & safety requirements regarding the ownership of Muscovy ducks: 

a.          Muscovy ducks, by federal law (Migratory Bird Treaty Act), must remain in completely enclosed pens, including aviary cover at all times unless their wings are annually clipped to prevent flight. During periods of wing feather re-growth, Muscovy ducks must remain within enclosures with top cover to prevent their escape into the wild. Once their wing feathers have fully emerged, wait two weeks and then clip.

b.         According to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act it is illegal to hatch out Muscovy ducklings or Muscovy hybrid ducklings.

c.          Muscovy ducksMuscovy ducks have facial caruncles, which are very susceptible to cold and frostbite (especially males). They need spacious indoor accommodations for freezing weather when they should not be allowed to venture outside for long intervals (short intervals on sunny afternoons is about their limit). Their feet are also more susceptible to frostbite than other breeds of ducks.

By signing this Contract, Adopter agrees to all of the terms and conditions of this agreement. Further, the Adopter certifies that he/she has never been charged with, investigated for, or convicted of animal abuse or neglect and that no one at the residence where the Animal will reside has been charged with, investigated for, or convicted of animal abuse or neglect.


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