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Majestic Diary

March 18, 2009

I can't even begin to tell you about the thoughtlessness of first-time volunteers. We had a new one sign up to come out on Sunday and she didn't show up, didn't call... nothing. How rude. I emailed her Sunday night and told her we would no longer be requiring her volunteer services and she came back about some family emergency Saturday night (like we haven't heard that excuse a hundred times before...). Even if there was an emergency on Saturday night, she can't call or email on Sunday to let us know that she wasn't coming. We didn't hear back from her until MONDAY and then she tried to turn it all around on us--like we were the inconsiderate ones. Yeah, right. She said she was going to "report us" to other shelters in the area. HA! I told her our reputation proceeds us and to go right ahead and tell them that we let her go after she pulled a no-show.

She also said in her email that by letting her go we were damaging the animals here, so I assured her that Tony and I are FULLY capable of caring for everyone of these animals and our entire sanctuary all on our own--without any volunteers--much less her. How can a volunteer who does not even show up improve the quality of care of our birds? Our ducks and geese have it all regardless of how many volunteers show up for a work day. How presumptuous! What a loser. Some people just don't get it. So I rubbed it in her face. Don't mess with me when it comes to our sanctuary, how we handle it and much less how we treat these gorgeous beings. No one loves them or cares for them better than I do!

As a result, I revamped our volunteer pages. I will no longer be "chatting" with first-time volunteers. They need to follow the instructions and set everything up themselves. I want proactive do it yourselfers or no one at all. I'm not wasting any more time on these no-shows. I email them back and forth, answer all their stinking questions and then they don't bother coming or even calling. Not anymore! It's more impersonal for newcomers, but that's the way it has to be since so many people have ruined it for everyone.

Okay, now onto some other stuff... my leg is much better... turned out to be a terrible sprain. I'm not limping, but I can feel it still hurting. It needs more time to heal, but I have lots of work to do, so screw it! Ha ha!

I was in the duck pen cracking cement ponds to put the new liners in and Penny was all covered in mud, playing where I had dumped out her water bucket (and then refreshed it). I looked at her and said, "Are you having mucking fun?" And then started cracking up. How funny is that:  "Mucking Fun!"  Ha ha! 

So we are going to have t-shirts made up with our new slogan. We'll put a photo of a duck mucking on the front and letter:  "Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary: Mucking Fun for Everyone!"

Wha ha ha!




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