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Majestic Diary

March 21, 2009

Ducks out of quarantine! Woo hoo! Today Demi, Obama and Tommy Knocker finished their quarantine. Parasites gone! I brought Obama out to Louisville to meet O'Malley and Dilly on one side of the pen. Then I brought Tommy Knocker out to meet Switch and Domino on the other side of the pen.  There is a fence between the two groups, so they can meet without being too overwhelmed. Really the only naughty one in the bunch is Domino. He's been picking on O'Malley unmercifully, so I had to separate them into two groups.

Tommy Knocker resting in his new pen.

Let's zoom in on this cutie... There we go!

And Obama in his new pen:

Then I brought Demi out to meet the ladies and she LOVED the pond! She's going to move over to the pen with Spencer and Penny later today, but we have to finish working on the pond in that pen first. Once it is finished being set in place and then filled with water, I'll move her over. She knows those two ducks, so they should all be very happy about it.

Here's Demi on the pond... Oops! Well, there she was... hmmm... let's try that again!

Here's Demi on the pond:

And look, here's Benny and Jezebel together. They have been cuddling up a lot lately. That's Deirdre "Dear Heart" in the background.

Benny with Jezebel, Deirdre, Jelina, Demi and Princess... wait, where's Vida? Oh, out on the pond still. Lucky boy!

Hey, what's up, Lilly-putt and Piper-doo? QUACK QUACK QUACK!



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