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Majestic Diary

March 22, 2009

Jack Frost came out of quarantine today and he was so happy! He took a splashin' good bath in his kiddie pool! I did not go in to get a photo of him because he is not used to people yet and I need to take it slow with him. I'll try to get a nice photo of him this week after he settles in to his new pen.

We got the pond liner set into the Goose Run today. Phew! What a job that was. We had to break the cement one apart and fill the giant hole because the new preformed liner is smaller, but they never swam that deep in the old one anyway, it was kind of a waste. Anyway, we hauled in 23 loads of sand by wheelbarrow and filled in and around the new liner and then added water.

Mathematical formula of the day:

Pond + Water = Happy Geese!

Study and remember. There will be a test.

Here is Jessie (left) and Barney's (left) new pond. We still don't have the stream flow hooked up and the "patio area" around it is not done yet, but it will be flowing by next weekend.

Here is a photo of Penny and Spencer's pond I took the other day before we filled it.

I can't wait to turn over soil and get the grass going. I'm just waiting for the cold weather to pass for once and for all then I'll get right to it!



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