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Majestic Diary

April 23, 2009

So I’ve been thinking about Gulliver and the husband and wife duo who brought him here and things just aren’t making sense. Last year the parents of this same couple came here with Lilly and they couldn’t seem to keep their story straight about exactly what happened to her nor did it match their son’s story. Something about their son having Lilly in their house and that she and her sibling were released on a pond by “a friend” when they were too little and one died of pneumonia (and Lilly had pneumonia too). And I start thinking, this is quite the coincidence that the son saves one duckling with pneumonia while the other dies last year and now this year he saves another duckling on a pond from a seagull and the other duckling with it dies. These situations are too similar, so what’s going on here. Why is this son always around when ducklings are being released onto ponds and showing up just in time to save their lives? And then patting himself on the back about being such a good Samaritan. Very suspicious.

It also makes absolutely no sense that this duckling is SO human-imprinted. We’ve seen nearly 150 ducks/geese come through here and have yet to see anything like this. I haven’t seen this since I raised my own 2 ducks from ducklings. This duckling was fawned over. People don’t normally dump off ducklings that they have spent this much time with. He was inside living in a wire cage (which we could tell by the condition of his feet when he arrived). It just didn’t make sense.

So I call one of our rescuers about another duckling issue and mention the whole thing to her and it turns out she knows this guy and he is an IDIOT who buys ducklings and then releases them onto public ponds AND he has a flock of his own Pekin ducks. And when the ducklings get sick or injured he freaks out and starts calling up rescuers and guilting them into taking the birds and denies any responsibility for them and pretends like he didn’t release them there in the first place. This rescuer took 8 ducks from him last year! He even told the rescuer LAST YEAR that the seagulls were attacking the ducks he released. And knowing this danger the jerk still dropped off Gulliver and his sibling off this year and then a seagull killed one of them. You should have heard this guy go on about how he saved Gulliver and to think he was the one who dumped him in the first place. My Lord… 

Now I am so ticked. I email the couple and decide to go fishing. They don’t know that I have the edge here. So let’s see how far they will take the lie. So I tell them that I have been reading through old emails and remembering conversations with their parents, trying to make sense of things and I ask them outright if they have any pet ducks and if so, why didn’t they just keep the duckling. I go on to say how we are out of room, I’ve been out of work, the economy has our donations down and tell them that if they are bringing their pets here and further burdening us how awful that would truly be. I want to see if they are willing to fess up. And then I ask outright if they are using us to take in the birds that they themselves are dropping off who then become sick or injured.  They responded back “oh no, we would never…” blah, blah, blah “and how dare you accuse us of this”  And she says that the fact that they drove over an hour to us and made a HUGE $250 donation should be proof enough that they are honest people. I emailed back and assured them that people have driven farther and donated more money than that to cover their own shame and guilt.

They don’t know that I know people who know them yet. Not until I cash that check. Not only that, but after making a huge deal out of the $250, like it is such a BIG deal, such a LARGE donation (yeah right…), I found out that they live in a 3 MILLION dollar house.

THEN I find out that this woman can’t have children and she has wanted an imprinted hen for some time now, so that she could mother it. AH HA. Yep, that’s who Gulliver was. Her surrogate baby. And then he grew up and got too big, so they brought him to a pond and dumped him with his sibling and a seagull attacked them. How sick is that. 

They are both liars. Sick, disgusting liars. I plan to send one hell of an email to them tomorrow once I have that cash in my hands. Maybe I will paste that in tomorrow's diary...



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