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Majestic Diary

May 7, 2009

One of the reasons I keep this Majestic diary is so others can try to begin to understand what goes into a sanctuary. Birds coming in and going out. Vet treatment. Meeting wonderful new people and of course... how to handle the wackos. 

But that's enough writing about the koo-koos for a while (I hope!). It's time to get back to the fun stuff! The ducks and geese!

We met Omalie the duck and his Momma & Poppa duck (Chantal & Brian)! Omalie won our "Most Comical" photo contest this year. He came up with his family in his little ducky diaper and was so GORGEOUS! And he perched on his Momma's arm the whole time and gave me lots of hugs. He was very nervous about seeing other ducks (even though he was outside the pens) because he doesn't understand he is a duck. I told Chantal, three days with the lady ducks here and he'll discover very quickly that he's a duck. That's what happened with Gulliver. That little guy prefers to have nothing to do with us now. Every day I see him swimming around with a new buddy:  Vida, Demi, Benny, Jasmine, Jezebel... I haven't seen him with Deirdre yet, but I'm sure he is. He is nearly full grown and his peep is on the brink of changing to a quack. Ah... my little adolescent...

So I'm about to self-publish my "Ultimate Pet Duck Guide Book" Woo-hoo! I'm working on shrinking the photos sizes to 300 dpi and I still need to take a few new pictures to replace a couple out-dated ones in there. I need to search for an "Indexing" program. I'd really love for it to have an index. But most important I know that the last wacko we dealt with is planning on stealing my idea and putting out her own duck care book (which is stupid because she knows NOTHING about duck care). I told her when she was here that she can't use any of our duck/goose stories because they are all mine for my own book. And Everything on this site is in my book and therefore covered by my own copyright, but once I assign it an ISBN# (which is instantaneously) I will mail it to the library of congress and get an official copyright for it. Because I can smell trouble coming.

Meanwhile... Duran Duran came back to our sanctuary and Victor was adopted instead by the same family. The Durans did not bond with her 13 year-old goose and weren't sharing the kiddie pool with her ducks. Victor is much calmer and I think will be a better match. The boys' fecals were clear, so we moved them right over to the Goose Run since they were all calling to each other and making a lot of noise. During the scuffle of alpha leadership, Joop! lost the throne and it went back to Mac. It was over in 5 seconds. The Durans are still at the other end of the pen, but the gaggle did let them swim in their pond yesterday and they have their are many food bowls in that pen to ensure they can get to their dinner while they are still adjusting to one another.

"I'm-a gonna getcha!"

I still have a lot of soil to turn over, but it is nice to see the grass coming up in the pens already seeded. Thank goodness! I moved Demi out of Penny & Spencer's pen and put her in with the "barn hens," so that the grass will grow in that pen. Too many hens wreck the grass. It is enough work keeping it growing with only one hen in a pen--never mind two.


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