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Majestic Diary

June 8, 2009

Nephilim cat is feeling a little better! Now that we went back to our regular vet, she thinks it was a pancreatic attack. So he is on Pepsid AC and some painkillers and he is eating again and going potty! It's kind of funny, I mean, I must be wondering why I'm stalking him while he goes to the cat box. Ha!

Isabel made a race car out of a cardboard box. We tipped it on its side and took the car seats (pillows) out and Nephilim (black) has claimed it as his own and it has turned out to be a vital part of his rehab, which includes relaxation in a comfy, cozy place. Look at him with his best friend Kensai (gray).


The ducks are all doing well. Mac bit me on the finger the other day and I followed it with an alpha reaffirmation that has him respecting me again. The Durans are both doing great and the whole gaggle is in sync and getting along very well. It is molting time though and there are goose feathers EVERYWHERE! I practically need to rake the pen to get them up!


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