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Majestic Diary

June 18, 2009

Bentley and Big Boy just arrived at our sanctuary after getting oil all over their feathers on the pond they were abandoned to. Their rescuer cleaned them all up, stripping them of all of their oil (following a vet-prescribed routine).

We are temporarily holding them for a few weeks while they re-oil. The rescuer already found a home for them and they will be going to it in July. They are staying in West Wing until then because it's the only pen we have available, but it is very cozy in there and they are happy to have full access to food and kiddie pools and bedded houses to sleep in.

I love this photo of Gulliver splashing! He is so BIG! You have no idea... you'd have to see him to believe it. He towers over most of the other ducks here. He stays on land with Aladdin and Jasmine in the morning and then I let him on the big pond in the afternoon with the gals and Benny since his hormones haven't kicked in yet. As soon as I let him out he dives and splashes and glides over the water--it is so much fun to watch!


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