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Majestic Diary

June 19, 2009

Bonnie arrived today. Her owner bought two Cayuga ducklings and did not protect them properly. Her sibling, Clyde, was killed by a predator (probably a raccoon).

Bonnie is unsure what to do in the bathtub... I've never seen a duckling who did not know to swim right off. She's not eating dry food out of her bowl; we have to float it in water. The owner admitted she did not do proper research about how to care for them, but most disturbing was the fact that she just dropped her off, wrote a check and didn't care to see the facilities or anything. She just wanted to solve her problem and go. Very disheartening...

This little girl is very lonely, so I gave her a mirror. Once her fecal comes back negative, I will introduce her to the others. Isabel thinks she will fall in love with our Young Jeffrey when she sees him.


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