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Majestic Diary

June 25, 2009

Bonnie has successfully moved from indoors to outdoors this week. She is very LOUD! And she chased off Timmerlane kitty immediately upon their first encounter. I'm so sorry I missed it with the camera because it was a riot! She likes being pet, but she does not like being picked up.

Meanwhile... newcomer Roberta has gone to the vet for a shot of Adequan for her poor, swollen leg. He also drew some fluid from her leg to find out exactly what's plaguing her. In the meantime, lots of anti-biotics. She was staying in a kennel in a vet office (who handles cat & dogs) for the past 6 weeks, so she was THRILLED to see water and other ducks again. Poor baby... We are going to do everything we can to help her. She and Bonnie share a kennel at night. While Bon Bon has learned to swim (and loves it!) she is not good at eating dry food right out of the bowl. I'm hoping Roberta teaches her this.


AND... The Garey's and Mary are here from TN and LA! They flew in yesterday afternoon. We visited the sanctuary and chit-chatted and are looking forward to a lot more of that today!!!

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