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August 31, 2009

It's been a rough week preparing for Roberta's surgery. More than just getting all the things prepared for her recovery, but also getting myself mentally prepared. Praying surgery will save her life understanding how complicated her operation will be. I just love this little duck.

These moments are always the most difficult. Sitting on the brink of what could be the edge of letting go and hoping with all my might that she will fight her way through this and be strong and recover.

I let Roberta swim on the pond all day yesterday and I went out in the forest and collected a half of a bucket of nightcrawlers for everyone--so many they couldn't eat them all. I just wanted it to be a great day for her, so that she might remember what she is fighting for.

At 7:30 I walked all the other ducks off of the pond and let Gulliver go out on the water with Berty. I let them both swim together until they were finished and ready to come off of the water on their own accord. I took these photos of them:

Indeed, yesterday was great for Berty. I pray today will be another great day for her, so she can come back home to us again...


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