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Majestic Diary

February 13, 2008

Some days we get really funny emails. Well, not funny to some people, but funny to us.

I get this email from a woman. She and her husband had two geese come down the river into their back yard. They love them and have been feeding them. A female Emden and a male White China. They emailed because the neighbors were threatening to call animal control and have the geese removed (that's not the funny part). Of course, animal control officers are too afraid of geese to do this kind of rescue. They declined (to our benefit--they would just destroy the animals). 

The reason the neighbors hate the geese is because the gander chases the neighbor's wife around her car and when she jumps inside it pecks at the car door. Okay, now I'm laughing. Well of course if you run from a goose it will chase you!  Ha ha! 

I hit reply and advised the neighbors that we would soon have room at the sanctuary and we would be glad to come get the 2 geese. In the meantime, we advised them to talk to the neighbor's wife and tell her to stop running from the bully. Instead she should stand her ground. She can hold a broom in her hands if that makes her feel more secure--but don't hit the gander! 

The neighbor tried it, and sure enough, when she stopped running, he stopped chasing. Recent email from the "good" neighbors said that things had calmed down while they wait for our assistance, but that it's really funny because as soon as the neighbor's wife goes inside her house, the gander comes running up to her front door and pecks at it and then runs away again. This is common behavior in geese--especially ganders trying to impress their hens.  Wha ha ha!

Fanny (Emden) and Mac (White Chinese)

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