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Majestic Diary

February 17, 2008

We adopted Pretty Girl, Bunky, Merry and Pippin today! I am so THRILLED to keep these 4 together! They just love each other (Merry and Pippin think they are geese and LOVE Bunky). These ducks and geese once belonged to one of my dearest friends, before she became ill and was unable to take care of them anymore. I brought them here and emailed her pics of them and emails about them as often as I could, to help her let go. That was last November. I fully expected them to be here for at least a year before finding them a home, but one came through and a week later, they were on their way.

 I cried as we loaded their pet carriers into the back of the car. Saying good-bye to my friend's beloved birds broke my heart. I just hadn't made my peace with letting them go yet. But, it is a wonderful home and they want us to come by and visit them, and I can't wait to bring Elaine to see them again. 

Her other duck Daisy May is still with us. She was never too interested in the geese or the "mock" geese (ha!), so she fell in with Asaru and Tiwana ducks, and is much happier with them.

This weekend a family is coming to adopt 4 geese: Ali, Chan, China and Bowie. Ali & Chan deserve this; they have been here for 2 years. But it will be hard to let them go. They were the first geese we ever rescued and I feel so close to them (even though they are shy). When they first came they were so ornery. We named them after Mohammad Ali and Jackie Chan. Ali would try to bite me any chance he could and Chan would hiss at me. I wouldn't let them push me around; I had to stand my ground to get the naughty streak out of them--it was mostly fear, not aggression. Once they got used to me, they just stayed out of the way. They have recently learned to come pretty close for lettuce treats.

These 2 geese that never knew anyone, now have learned how to get along in a gaggle of geese and even follow another leader. Bowie has taught them a lot about proper goose manors and their lives have been so enriched through the other birds they have met here--especially the other geese. I feel like we have provided therapy for them, not just sanctuary. They are so emotionally healthy now. They are ready for their new home. I will cry when they leave.

The pens will be empty. Tutter will have the entire Goose Run to exercise his recovering leg--with Angelo to keep him company. We have 2 new rescued geese coming in from New Haven. Four geese in the Goose Run will be a good number. The grounds need to recover in spring, so that plants and grass grow in. Having 8 geese in there really wiped out the vegetation. People often tell us to "cram" more birds into our sanctuary because they see room, but the truth is, they need space. These are abandoned animals who need peace and serenity--room to recover.

Fond memories at the pond... Farewell, Elaine's babies...

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