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Majestic Diary

March 2, 2008

I really enjoyed working with this family in New Haven to rescue Fanny and Mac. She and her husband took all of our advice and thoroughly conditioned the geese for today's rescue. The neighbors were being unreasonable and trying to scare them off before the rescue, but this couple did not stand for it. They put their foot down and advised the neighbors to back off.

We showed up this morning and they lured the two geese up on shore, just where we advised them to a few weeks ago, cornering them in an area of the lawn where they could not get back to the river. We hid on the other side of the house, so they would not suspect anything. Once they were in the right spot, Tony and I walked between them and the river, cornered them and picked them up. It was a 10 minute rescue--my favorite!

Mac & Fanny are now safely here! Mac is VERY imprinted on humans, but lacks very good manners. He practically climbs on top of me and then gives me a passionate nibble... which steadily grows out of control.  Oh no, this is not allowed, Mac!

Fanny is shy and keeping away from us for the time being.

Fanny & Mac!

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