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April 10, 2010

What a day! I was looking forward to a birthday at home. I planned to help Tony install our new cameras that the Garey family donated when all of a sudden I get an email about a captured duck that needs our help, so I arrange to meet the friendly duck rescuer in New Haven, CT.

Just when I'm about to go out the door, the phone rings. Lew called to tell me that his duck Peabody is sick--not walking, leg paralysis. I call our emergency vet and let them know we are coming in and then quickly pull Tony from the camera project and send him to New Haven to get the rescued duck. Meanwhile, I jump in my car and head to Lew's house, suspecting an egg issue and planning to spend a few hours in the vet office, which is an hour away.

I call my parents and postpone my birthday celebration and ask them to hold off on coming by because we won't be home. Then I call Jenn for morale support.

When I arrive at Lew's house, I take a look at Peabody, who has begun walking and feel confident that it is an egg-laying issue and judging by her history, feel strongly that she is just passing a soft egg (which we confirm when she lays her egg later). Judging on her good progress, I call the vet and cancel our emergency appointment.

Tony successfully meets up with the duck rescuer and takes they female duck from her and heads home (Isabel is with him).

Tony and I both arrive home within a half hour of each other. When I went inside, I found pizza and birthday cake on the countertop and a note from my parents. I guess they didn't want to wait for us to come home before visiting and just decided to drop stuff off instead and leave. So basically, I missed my own birthday. I guess asking to postpone my birthday get-together for two hours in order that I might actually attend it was a little too much to ask. Whatever. And my sister who lives only 20 minutes away? Not even a phone call. I won't even bother acting surprised.

So then Tony headed back outside to the barn to work on more wiring while I checked in on our new duck who will be going to Jenn's house very soon.

On the plus side, my mother-in-law in Nevada called and sang happy birthday and my brother in Florida took the time to call me.  Mary in Louisiana emailed me, Jenn in Tennessee emailed and called me, and Glynis in Kentucky mailed me a card. Meanwhile, Lew offered to take us out to a concert that night (I declined since I thought my family was coming to visit).  

At the end of the day, the birthday wasn't what was important anyway. The ducks are what matter to me (and the geese!), and I am so happy to have helped two of them today! They are my true gifts!


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