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Majestic Diary

March 18, 2008

The media frenzy around us… man… I know it is great for the ducks and geese, but I just can’t deal with any more reporters and photographers. I am maxed out on patience.  They never seem to say what we want them to say—they always go in a direction that is not as wonderful as it could have been if we had written it ourselves.  The photos they choose are not as pretty as the ones I take care with my digital camera. I don’t get what they are thinking when they shoot off 2000 pictures and then the crappy one ends up in the paper.  If I take 2000 pictures, I end up with dozens of beautiful ones—look at this website!  I have all kinds of cute ones, funny antics and magnificent ones of some of the geese.  It’s like they don’t consider the subject AND the background AND the action.  They settle for one or the other.  And most of them find it a conflict of interest of some sort to list our website address, which is ridiculous.

We do these media things for the sake of preventing waterfowl abandonment with Easter coming up, but I really wish we could write our own articles, submit our own photos and get the point across without typos, misquotes, and lousy pictures.  Is that asking to much?  Anyone out there own a magazine who will let us do this once a year?  Come on… P-L-E-A-S-E…  Wha ha ha!

Otherwise all is well at the sanctuary.  We rec’d pictures of Crocodile Stanley in his new home with Pekin hen Dolly last night.  We got news that they are both very happy and madly in love.  He is very protective of her and stays right by here side.  Yep, that’s our Croc!  They said they are currently calling him Stanley because they didn’t want Dolly to get nervous about his “Crocodile” nick-name.  Wha ha ha!  Too funny!

Crocodile Stanley and Dolly

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