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Majestic Diary

March 24, 2008

I'm a cranky yankee today!
I was emailing my friends today about us being mentioned in an article in the NY Times.  Misquoted... well, short quoted.  They left 3 words off the front end of the quote--enough to make us look like we don't know what we're talking about, of course. I emailed the reporter and chastized her for messing up something so simple--and advising her that this type of error causes direct harm to abandoned ducks and geese. 
She wrote:  “The bond between ducks and humans is a much closer bond than those with a cat or a dog.
I actually said:  “Because of imprinting, the bond between ducks and humans is a much closer bond than those with a cat or a dog.”
Because she left the first 3 words of my sentence out, words that qualify my statement, people are going to think I'm full of crap--or completely clueless. They will probably assume I have no experience with cats or dogs and that this was a derogatory statement against cats and dogs. Now these people aren't taking us seriously and are completely uninterested in discovering who we are and what we truly believe in.  And who suffers from this?  The ducks and geese.  It has a direct effect on them. Three words.
For those of you who don't know me, I have 4 cats:  Bridget, Timmerlane, Nephilim & Kensai and a dog named Foxy. I have had pet cats one after the other since I was a kid... Morris, Corky, Tito, Nico and Mojo. I miss those boys so tremendously, I can still smell Mojo's fur... like fall leaves. They were all mighty hunters.  Mojo was notorious.  Those were the days when it was safe for cats to be outside.  Before the coyotes came.  We didn't even know we had coyotes until Mojo was brought down... a noble warrior.  I still cry for him today.  He was 9 years old when he fell.  My friends tried to ease my heart by saying that warriors crave an ending with so much honor--to die in battle.  But me... I just wanted him back.  I searched the woods for years.  Always waiting for him to come home.  Always wondering about that final battle. 

Timmerlane & Bridget... Sanctuary Guardians on duty!


And lets not forget the other cats my other family members had: Loki, Boo, Dragon, Asriel and Manusha.  There were usually 2-3 cats in our house at anyone time and between 1-2 dogs.  Each of them lived out long, healthy lives, with annual vet appointments, the best of food and love.  Each of them spoiled to the nine.  And when one would die, I would just fall to pieces.  My mom would say, "It's God's way of making space in our home because some other animal out there needs you. It's His way of letting you know that you need to find them and bring them here."  And I always did. 
And, of course, I had my pet chickens and ducks too... and gerbils... and guinea pigs... and rabbits... and goats... shall I go on?  But not all at once, sort of layered through time.  Always cats and dogs though.  They were ever-present.  And my mom is a neat freak, the outside pens were spacious and meticulous. Inside, there was no sign of pet hair anywhere. My mom loves to vaccum. And my dad would say, "No one sits at our table to eat until all of our animals have been fed their dinner, because we can help ourselves to our food, but they cannot--they wait to be served." I have passed this on to my daughter Isabel.
Anyway... Now that you can see I DO know what I'm talking about and that I do love cats and dogs (along with a myriad of other critters) I can honestly say this:
Dogs and cats do not crave the same level of intimacy as an imprinted duck or goose. These birds put everything they have into their devotion to their human companion--every bit of trust. They do not seek any level of independence from their human companions the way dogs and cats sometimes do. They want to be with you always. And that is the difference between these relationships.
So... As a result of this last straw of media misquotes, we have changed our policy regarding press involvement:  "Majestic no longer participates in press interviews of any kind unless we are granted authority to approve the final copy."    
Stinkin' reporters.  Can't get anything right.  And I talked to her for over an hour.  For one lousy, misquoted sentence.
Here's an interesting tid-bit. Newspapers and tv news will RARELY list our website address or mention our need for donations. We had NBC out here to specifically to do a piece on our need for donations to have water delivered. When they were onsite, they made promises enough to build golden duck pens, but in the end, they cut out those parts of our interviews that asked for direct assistance, and they failed to provide our web address on the air. 

Isabel & Foxy

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