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August 15, 2010

When I went out to the barn this morning to let everyone out, I found Deirdre with an egg stuck halfway out of her vent. I ran back inside, grabbed a couple syringes and filled them with veggie oil, then I had Tony mix up a squirt bottle with water and sugar. While he did this, I grabbed a tube of Bacitraycin and a Rimadyl.

I ran back outside and carried Deirdre out into the light. I slipped on some gloves and then eased her egg back inside a bit and used the syringe to get some oil in her cloaca. I moved the egg back in forth about an inch each way and let the oil work itself around a bit. Still not lubed enough, I used the other syringe to add more oil. I worked the egg back and forth once more and then it popped right out.

I filled a clean kiddie pool and put her into the clean water and helped her wash up. Her vent was swollen, so I took her out and put some Bacitraycin on it and then sprayed a bit of the sugar water to help shrink the tissue of her slightly prolapsed oviduct. I gave her the Rimadyl to reduce swelling and take pain away and then brought her to a dry clean pen for the day. Since she had sugar on her vent I did not want flies after her, so after an hour I sprayed her vent with sting-free wound wash and then re-applied some bacitraycin. I did this twice more and then gave her one more Rimadyl (5 mgs) before bedtime.

She is not walking and I'm not sure whether this was just too much for the old girl (who is almost blind from cataracts and has a bum leg), or if she just needs some recoup time. She is eating and drinking and I don't see any signs of stress or discomfort in her--aside from her resting.

I am watching her now through the barn camera... it is nearly 2 a.m. I've been on the phone with Jenn for emotional support, but Deirdre is still looking well. I'm praying for a miracle tomorrow... I'm not ready for that last trip to the vet just yet... I hope she isn't either...


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