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November 3, 2010

Romy and Michele arrived today! Poor little darlings... Their feathers could use some improvement and they could stand to put on a little weight, but we'll take care of all of that soon enough.

They see the other ducks in the pens in the distance and REALLY want to join them. Soon girls... Soon...

Every time it pours, I pray that the rain will refill our neighbor's pond and come down to us, but it is just coming so slowly. I hate that our ducks have to swim in kiddie pools instead of their lovely ponds. Only the big Courtyard pond is usable.

I have been lugging buckets of water to all of the pens since July and the thought of hitting freezing weather and going straight into lugging buckets for the winter months without any break in between simply exhausts me. Good thing ducks and geese are cute and keep me inspired... still, a break would be nice...









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