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February 16, 2011

I received an email yesterday from some folks in Jewett City who had a duck turn up on their door step about a week ago. They said they listened to "Quack Tracks" on our website and was sure it was a girl.

They caught the duck, but the woman said she couldn't drive 20 minutes to our place because of a spinal injury, so I agreed to go there.

When I arrived this morning, I saw the woman dressed and ready to drive herself to work. Then I met the "duck" and saw he was a Pilgrim gander in a terrible state. I agreed to take him and asked for a donation. She said she'd mail it. Yeah... Right... I've heard that one before... As expected, she never did.

But we took Pancho anyway...


Unfortunately because he was a drop off, we have absolutely no history about him, so not only did he have a fecal, but he is in the basement infirmary to ensure he doesn't have anything contagious. We had to hang tarps over the wire screening because he kept flapping and climbing the wire. We don't want him to get hurt, so by hanging tarps and blocking all view of the outer world, he doesn't try to get out. I feel bad though... keeping him so blocked in, but it's the only way I can keep him safely relaxed for two weeks.

He'll be happy when he goes outside to meet Romeo in a few weeks.






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