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February 26, 2011

Rio didn't come out of his house on Monday (21st), so I poked my nose inside to check on him. He looked fine and honked at me, so I moved on. But Tuesday, when I noticed he was still in his house I began to worry. I know it's cold, but it's not like him to stand in his house all day. This time when I tried to lean in to check on him, Moon came out of his neighboring house hissing at me.

Why was the subordinate Moon taking over Rio's leadership responsibilities. Rio is always the one protecting Moon, not vice versa. I popped a Baytril in Rio, figuring he had a little bug. I continued with the dosage fully expecting a turn around in 3-5 days, which is the usual norm when someone isn't feeling well.

Rio went to the vet on the 25th when it was clear the antibiotics weren't working and his appetite disappeared. We drew blood and started him on a special syringe-fed diet. I brought Rio and Moon into our basement infirmary to stay together during his treatment.

I put Rio in the tub for a quick clean up and then I towel dried him off... Poor baby... Momma will get you better.

Rio in the tub... sort of reminds me of Tutter...









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