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August 26, 2011

With Hurricane Irene heading up the coast, we are working full time to make preparations at our house and at the sanctuary. We hope it will drop down to a tropical storm, but in either case, everything needs to be secured.

Thankfully, we cut down the giant sumac trees on the east side of Abby's Goose Run. One of them fell on the pen a few weeks ago and we decided to take them all down as a result. So at least we don't have that to do in the midst of all these preparations.

We plan to bring all 35 ducks and geese into the barn for the Sunday night storm. THat way if any trees or branches come down on any pens, there won't be animals in them.

I've removed all of the hay and pallets from the barn to maximize space. We'll move the three grain barrels to the supply side of the barn Sunday morning. Then we'll set up our portable kennel fences and make dividers to separate those ducks and geese who need to be apart from each other. The way I figure it, we'll need to subdivide our five kennel areas into ten smaller sections.

It's going to be a little tight for the night, but at least everyone will be safe--and it will be during dark hours, so hopefully, the flock will sleep through most of the night or at the very least be still in light of the storm.

There will be a water bucket in each of the 10 sections, but to prevent unnecessary grain spillage and a big mess, we're not going to put down food for the night. They'll remain outside in their enclosures with full access to food all day (as always) and then we'll load everyone into the barn at 8 pm.

I'll be able to watch them on the camera from inside the house on the computer until we lose power. Which reminds me, Tony and I tested their generator yesterday to ensure it's ready to go to keep their water pumping and circulating after the storm blows through until we get power back.

We are going to move the jetski and canoe to the middle of the yard, so they aren't under any trees or branches.

I pray we don't lose any of our pens and that the trees around us all hold their ground. I think I'll buy a prayer candle today, so I can light it when the power goes out during the storm.


I wasn't expecting guests today... but look who showed up for dinner...

Isabel and I came home from buying a little something for Auntie Jenn who's going through a rough time and I came home to an email from someone here in Lebanon who had 4 ducks turn up in their lawn STARVING for food. I rushed over and quickly rounded them up in a portable playpen and loaded them into pet carriers. The gray ducks are females and I think both black ducks are males (at least one is... the other isn't quacking). They're just babies. I can hear it in the male's voice... it's just changing. Probably 8 weeks old. And about to face a hurricane out on a lake and starving.

We can't keep them all here. We have no room for boys. I think I'll bring both boys to Nevins Farm tomorrow along with another rescue our friend Kat is fostering. I want to keep at least one girl for Obama, but don't want her to be lonely, so I guess I'll keep two. I have a giant pet carrier they can stay in during the storm on the supply side of the barn.



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