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Majestic Diary

November 7, 2011

It snowed a week ago... 6 inches... combined with a 3 day power outage...

We spent hours out in the snowstorm beating snow off of the aviary nets until it felt like our arms were going to fall off. Our coats, hats and gloves were saturated with water. We went inside to change, but there was no way to dry our wet clothes without power. We rummaged for old coats with broken zippers and dinky cloth gloves, but it wasn't much help against the weather. We froze out there.

At one point I imagined what it would be like if someone pulled into the driveway and said, "We're here to help!" and how amazing that would be... just to be able to rest for 20 minutes while someone else took over, so the snow wouldn't pile up and pull down the nets. But that kind of help never comes...

When we went inside at the end of the storm, we didn't have an electric blanket to pull around us and squeeze the cold out. I shivered for an hour with a sore neck and back and wrists that felt like they were about to snap. Tylenol couldn't even dim the pain.

After being off-line for three days, the power finally came back on. I logged in to check and see what had come through for emails--to see if there were any emergencies. Someone from MA emailed about an abandoned goose. When I directed her to Nevins Farm MSPCA in her area instead, she retorted with a whole slew of obnoxious emails. BLOCK SENDER.

We spent all weekend ripping the destroyed wire roofing off of the quarantine pen, putting up new support beams, pouring cement... hardly a drop of time for ourselves and I'm getting hate emails because we can't take in any new animals for lack of a functional quarantine pen and no more room for newcomers?

I must admit... I'm getting really tired of the hate emails, demands and criticisms. We're volunteers doing all we can. And we only have so much space. I may be a miracle worker, but I can't bend the laws of physics (Scotty humor...). 

I'm tired of people bringing us animals to care for and not donating anything to help them.

I'm tired of volunteers not showing up when they're supposed to.

I'm tired of being lied to--like I'm some kind of dummy and don't know a lie when I hear one.

I'm tired of people buying and hatching ducklings and then expecting us to take up any and all of their mistakes without question... And the guilt trips and hate emails when we can't... Why is any of this our fault?

I'm tired of not being able to go on vacation with my husband and daughter together. Ever.

I'm tired of people promising to send us a hearty donation and getting our hopes all up and then not following through at all. Why do they even do that?

I'm tired of responding to hundreds and hundreds of emails, offering hours of my time every single day to help desperate families with their pets. And then in return they don't send along a single donation to help our rescues. 

It used to be that I worked full time as a Credit Mgr for fortune 500 companies, making plenty of money to cover any slow months here, but I decided not to look for another job after the economy crashed because the sanctuary has grown so large and takes so much of my time now--I just can't balance both; it's too much. Should I let it shrink back down again? Adopt out birds and not take in any new rescues for a while, so I can go back to work?

I LOVE our rescues. I SO love them. I so want to do everything I can for them, but without funding, I can't help them.

I think it's time for some changes around here. There just doesn't seem to be another way around it. 



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