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Majestic Diary

December 31, 2011

I know... another gap in entries... but we've been VERY busy preparing for winter weather. Keeping up with heated water buckets in all the pens, pruning trees one last time, spreading sand, getting the duck and goose house doors finished in time for cold weather, pitching the barn and thoroughly cleaning out the quarantine pen are just a few of the items we've accomplished. On top of this closing out another Majestic year is on the table.

So here are the updates:

Piper and Mercy have formed a nice bond together. While he doesn't fawn over her like he did Lilly, he has accepted her and she is in LOVE with him. I'm sure he will grow to love her even more this spring, but for now, at least, he seems content.

We've had a good month. Romy and Shelly's new home have emailed us quite a few times to let us know how happy the new girls are in their new flock--a perfect fit!

And... Obama was adopted! Yay! Wonderful new family with a female Rouen duck named Ethel. And while they were here they fell in love with Jabberwocky and are going to come back for him to after they make the door to their barn taller, so he can fit through. It sure is going to be quiet around here if Jabberwocky leaves us.

In other news... Our vet Dr. Otka left All Friends Animal Hospital and is buying and opening his own practice and we're waiting for the new of where it will be. We won't know until the closing is complete. We're hoping it's close by and within our reach. Since All Friends doesn't have another waterfowl vet right now, we're also hoping he'll roll out the same red carpet for our rescues that All Friends has. I'm a little nervous, but hopeful.

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