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January 23, 2012

Young Matthew seems a little perkier (definitely quacking more), but I'm not sure if it is the beginning of his recovery or the meds and diet changes that are helping him. I took this photo of him in the sun room yesterday.

He's going to see Dr. Otka on Wednesday for his ultrasound. Hopefully we can rule out cancer and continue to help him along towards recovery. I'm definitely going to be stressed for a while with worry.

I went to church yesterday and when the pastor asked where we saw God this past week I promised Young Matthew that I'd speak up for great friends like Jenn and Kat, for all the messages of love and support and in Pastor Wanda's emails, which have all kept me going through this extremely difficult time. But when it came time to speak up, all the words just got caught in my throat along with a thick lump of pain, so Pastor Wanda spoke up for me and uplifted Young Matthew in prayer along with everyone else who needed it, and then someone I've never met before came over to my lonely little pew and put her arms around me and handed me a tissue and hugged me through his prayer. I wish I could have stayed afterwards to thank her, but I had to race out the door to get back home for his second feeding of the day.

Anyway... it was really nice...

In other news, Mr. Moon-Moon needs some minor surgery on a cyst on his inner, right eyelid. He goes in next Tuesday 1/31 to have it taken care of. He's been on meds for a couple weeks now, but it didn't help any, so surgery ought to take care of it for him. Poor fellow...

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