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Majestic Diary

February 8, 2012

Deep breath...

I can't believe how many checks and Paypal donations are rolling in to help with Young Matthew and Moon-Moon's vet bills. We're almost there!

We asked for help from our quiet listeners and I have to say, a lot of people who haven't donated in a long time have come through--along with a handful of new donors.

Of course our long-time, wonderful supporters also came through--as they always do!

What would we do without you?! THANK YOU!

I was thinking this morning... that it was not long ago that I wrote in these diary pages how frustrated I was getting... tired of be blamed for having a full sanctuary and not being able to take every animal in... tired of feeling guilty about it... tired of being yelled at... I was seriously considering shrinking things down a bit and giving myself a break. And then Young Matthew and Moon-Moon showed me how much they need me--how much we're needed. Such fragile creatures... with such amazing hearts.

And now people have really shown us their support and let us know that they too want what's best for these ducks and geese.

Thank you all so very much for helping alleviate all of our worries about funding and vet bills, so that we could focus on our animals and provide them with the BEST vet care possible.

And then when we lost Young Matthew and my heart was broken and I could barely breathe, I didn't have to worry about how we would pay his bill. I could just focus on breathing and healing (long way to go yet...)

You have all provided more relief than you could possibly ever know and we are so eternally grateful.


I sent an email to a new friend a couple days ago about Young Matthew:

"...And then he was gone… He died in my arms… Head draped over my shoulder… He used to make the sweetest whistling noise through his little nostrils. Ever since he was a little. He would drape his head and neck over my shoulder to hug me and I would hear that little breathy whistle. And now God gets that whistle and I’m jealous because I wish I had it back.

I know Young Matthew is not looking on me with anything but love and fond memories. And I think on him with all of the love in the world too. I know he’s safe and happy and may even be marveling about all those blow dryer sessions. I bet God has never heard such a lovely description of a blow dryer before…"

I like that last part. It makes me smile to myself to think how Young Matthew would marvel over his blow dryer sessions. That was good stuff right there.


Holy water off a duck's back!

I just got back from making the bank deposits and I checked the mail really quick on the way out and there was an unbelievable donation waiting for us! I had to park in the driveway and wait for my tears to clear up and my hands to stop shaking before driving.

You know who you are--and I'm about to call you (I apologize in advance for all the crying...)

"In Memory of Young Matthew & Downi Doll"

(Downi Doll is Laura's beautiful duck who just passed...)



Now it's time for photos! I took these yesterday while out in the pens allowing everyone's love to cheer me up and bring me back to life.

Look at beautiful Bonnie Bonster who is slowly turning white. Remember when she was all black and green? Now she's all speckled! So pretty!

And there's Moon-Moon with River right behind him. Shorty the duck and Jamboree & Juliet (white Chinese geese).

Look at little Shorty! He's so cute!

Jocamo was picking on Ranger too much, so I moved Ranger over to the Goose Run for some peace. Here he is! So handsome!

Piper-doo (back) and Mercy-loo (front). I just love it when the girls give a muffled quack while their bills are tucked under their fluff--ha ha!

I don't know why really, but I think this photo of Carmella is a little funny... poking around at the tree roots, trying to find some hidden goody on the frozen ground. Not likely, sweetheart...

Little Bridget!

And tubby Timmerlane (wha ha ha!)


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