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February 9, 2012

Right after losing Young Matthew I remembered something…

In November, I had called Jenn in TN and said I had a really bad feeling that we were going to lose either Young Matthew or Young Jeffrey. I told her that I didn’t feel it was going to happen right away—that I thought it would be, “three to six months; sometime after the new year.” I told her I felt terrible for even thinking such a thought, but that it had come to me quite clearly and quite abruptly. I remember freezing when it came to mind. And from that day forward I made sure to hug Young Jeffrey and Young Matthew every morning and every night—no matter how rushed I was. I made sure to spend time with them every day, so I wouldn’t look back later and feel I’d missed out on that valuable time with them.

I wrote about that very conversation with Jenn in the diary pages when we lost Lilly on December 1st I felt awful that I had misunderstood the message and was focusing in on the wrong ducks and had the time-frame all wrong too. I blamed myself for this mistake and felt really guilty about it.

And then TODAY, I was out taking pictures of the flock and while downloading them onto the computer… I suddenly remembered something... I had to go back in the diary pages to find it… I posted some of the photos there because it was so odd…

Back on August 23rd I commented on the odd photos I took of Young Matthew. I called it “ghost of a duck” and noted that the “ghost” in one of his images didn’t even match his pose—like it was an entirely different duck doing an entirely different thing.  It only happened on that one day, never before and never since.  I shrugged it off at the time as some kind of trick of the light, but it only happened around Young Matthew—no one else that day. Check it out:

The message was about Young Matthew… I dismissed it after we lost Lilly, but I kept smothering my bo-boyz in extra hugs and attention anyway.


And now photos taken today...




Young Jeffrey


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