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March 7, 2012

Look at little Shorty wandering around the Goose Run--so cute!

I opened up all of the duck and goose ponds! Yippee! Most of them were already mucked out. I just had Bonnie & Dilly's left and the goose pond. The aqua-duck-t is running and the ducks and geese are SO HAPPY! Swimming is so much fun!

Dilly & Bonnie... We have water!

In other news... Pancho is a GIRL! I knew it! She doesn't have a call like any geese we've ever known and I sort of wonder if she is a cross between a Snow Goose and a domestic goose. She doesn't match any photos I've ever seen, so I don't know for sure. She's also pretty good at flying around the pen, although I don't know that she could actually take flight. Anyway... she chased Jamboree away from Romeo and claimed him for herself. Jamboree has gone back to hanging out full time with her sister Juliet again.

Chubby little Juliet

No wonder Pancho hasn't fallen in love with Juliet! I thought so! The other give away is that Pancho has been flying on top of the duck house that's in the Goose Run whenever I come in to change water buckets. She waits for me to come over and pet her and this time she flattened out for me, asking me to mate her. Definitely a girl! And then... an EGG!

We need to think up a new name for her, something that starts with a "P" that we can change up a little. Hmmm...

Oh! Something funny happened yesterday! I was out in the pens changing out the water in the heated buckets when I heard a little ruckus in Mercy and Piper's pen. I'm so bummed I didn't have my camera with me because I almost grabbed it on the way out and then thought better of it. Mercy had hopped into her water bucket and was going hot tubbin'! It was so funny because she's a rolly-polly little gal and her belly fat was hanging over the lip of the bucket! What a riot! This certainly explains why their water bucket is so muddy ever day! But then I worry about her jumping out and hurting her legs, so I went over and picked her up and set her on the ground. She didn't like that one bit! Sorry, Mercy-loo...

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