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March 26, 2012

It's so hard going out to the pens and seeing Laddy without his girl... He's a pretty shy fellow, but since I pulled Jazzy out of his pen and raced her off to the vet, things have changed. Now, whenever I visit his pen, he runs over to me and bobs his head up-and-down with excitement and quacks and then he stands there looking at me and waiting.

I just feel him saying, "Do you have her, Momma? Did you bring her back to me?"

And I reply... "I'm sorry, darling, but I'm afraid she won't be coming back..."

Demi is in the pen with him, but they aren't interested in each other. I see her more interested in Shorty who's staying in the neighboring Goose Run. He's been reciprocating the same interest.

We have a small, new pen going up soon, so I guess if things haven't changed, I'll move Shorty and Demi there and keep my eyes and ears open for new a girl for Laddy.


Laddy runs over to me:

And then quacks with excitement...

And watches as Demi and Shorty bond...

Occasionally, he can get a little closer...

Of course, Mercy and his other neighbors try to comfort him when they can...


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