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Majestic Diary

April 11, 2008

What a night!

When I stepped into Abby's Goose Run to top off food and water for Tutter & Angelo, both boys came running over to see me.  Tutter really wanted me to pet him, but Angelo is so protective of his good friend that he won't stand for it.  Tutter was on my left and Angelo was on my right. I was dangling the fingers of my right hand over Angelo to distract him while I pet Tutter-Tut with my left hand.  Well, Tutter got all excited over this interaction and began doing a special courtship display just for me. This sent Angelo over the top!

So here I am trapped between two ganders--one with a "love meter" that is maxing out and the other hissing and beginning displays of aggression. As Tutter's courtship displays intensify, so does Angelo's temper. What the heck do I do here?!  I'm trapped! 

I figure I'm definitely going to get bitten, but decide I'd clearly prefer a love-nip over an attack. I am clearly going to focus my attention on Angelo. So I reach out and grab Angelo to prevent his anger from progressing any further, and just at that moment, Tutter takes advantage of this window of opportunity and grabs onto my jeans. So now I'm trying to push them both back off of me and can feel the situation is about to escalate out of control.

Think fast--think fast! 

I look around and notice one of their toy balls just behind me on the ground. I take a quick step back, grab the yellow ball and roll it on the ground between them. They fall for it!  Their necks sway from me to the ball, they turn away and "honk honk" as they go running after it in pursuit.  "Play, play!"

Phew!  Ha ha!


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