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Majestic Diary

October 22, 2012

I didn't sleep much last night... But Alice appears to be holding her own this morning. I waited for the sun to come fully up before letting her and Young Jeffrey out for the others and she made a beeline to the pond and went right in and started swimming. While yesterday she spent the day swimming alone, this morning she was following the other three around (Young Jeffrey, Nelly-Nell and Jodie-Dee).

It so upsets me that the best two vets we have both have the same days off and I have to wait until Tuesday to bring Alice in for help. Thank goodness I have pain meds on hand for her.

I have to be careful tomorrow.... I want to help her, but I don't want to put her through tests that will only stress her or make her more uncomfortable and unhappy. A blood test will either confirm renal failure or peritonitis--I'm leaning towards renal failure. An x-ray will only do the same. Confirmation may provide me with an answer, but if either condition is true, it won't offer her any remedy.

How did we go so quickly from good news to bad? From adopting out the Coffee Ducks (Bean, Carmella and Hazel) to their beautiful new home and then having to face the loss of our lovely Alice in Wonderland?

Hang in there, pretty girl... Hang in there...


Things I want to always remember about Alice:

People always ask us what kind of duck Alice is. She's a Pekin duck! Her bill is just so spotted with black freckles that it's almost entirely black.

She LOVES Young Jeffrey and LOVED his brother Young Matthew when he was here too...

We brought her into our sanctuary to prepare Young Jeffrey & Young Matthew for the loss of their beloved girlfriend Deirdre Dear Heart. We needed a new girl for the boys (Jeffrey & Matthew) to love to help ease the blow and to give Deirdre a break from their affection in her old age. Alice healed the space in their hearts in a way no other girl here could...

She has a beautiful and happy quack and a very friendly demeanor... So easy going, so sweet, such a joy...


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