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January 1, 2013

Young Jeffrey's phallus prolapsed and wouldn't go back in, so he's been to the vet for surgery to tuck it back inside and then some vent stitching to keep it there, but now he's not eating.

I'm so worried, this is how Young Matthew's symptoms began last year at this very same time. I ordered a fecal culture to make sure it isn't the same thing, but I'm really scared. I can't go through that again... two months of syringe feeding and medication and then losing him just after discovering exactly which medicine to use--before it could take effect. I can't do it...


Young Jeffrey pulled out all of his stitches and his goodies all came tumbling out again <sigh>...

Syringe feedings have begun. I hate the smell of the Ensure... it brings back such said memories...

Good news is, he seems very energetic... Keep it up bo-boy...


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