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Majestic Diary

April 27, 2008

I'm back from Kentucky! It was so great seeing Glynis, Eric and Mary again. It was equally wonderful to see the Huffman flock. Joseph is so beautiful. I laid with him in the grass for an hour, stroking the feathers under his neck.


Joseph & me                                                   Mary & Joseph

And a few more of Joseph...


And here's Donnie:

Where's Donnie?


I noticed something interesting while at the Huffman's. Elijah and Jonah were rescued at the same time, from the same pond, along with nearly a dozen other ducks. Elijah is here with us & Jonah was adopted by the Huffman's. Elijah has a distinct indented ring of feathers around his neck. I noticed during our visit that Jonah has the exact same ring. They are brothers. Out of all the ducks here at the sanctuary, I always have trouble identifying Elijah and Jonah out of old photos taken when they were both first rescued. They are the same size and look so much alike. Now we know why.

Elijah's neck ring

I also learned the difference between a Southerner and a Yankee...

Yankee's start out a story by saying: "Once upon a time..."
While Southerners say: "You ain't gonna believe this she-eit!"

(The funny thing is, that's no joke! Ha ha ha!)

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