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Majestic Diary

May 4, 2008

We were contacted a few weeks ago to take in two Toulouse geese. They were owned for 7-8 years and "suddenly" they are too loud and the neighbors are complaining and the father wants to give the pair to a co-worker to eat. The mother and daughter are trying to find an answer. The daughter emailed me. She agreed to our owner surrender fees and said at least one of the geese is a male and the other a female (because they once found an egg in their kiddie pool and their were no other birds sharing their pen). The family came by with the geese yesterday. They also brought us some bamboo and showed us the best place to plant it and get results.

After they left, I spent some time with the 2 unnamed geese, who we later began referring to as "Duran Duran" until we figure out which is the male and which is the female.

I'm convinced that Duran is the male, but I'm not sure about Duran. Ha! That's a little goosey humor!

Duran (left) & Duran (right)

Honestly, though... I thought the darker gray guy in the back/left is the male. And I thought the lighter gray girl to the front/right was the female. I was pretty sure of myself... and then I noticed today that the "girl" has blue eyes. Blue eyes in the goose world often indicate a male. Not always, but often.

The family swears one was a girl, even after I offered them forgiveness if they just fessed up. So I guess one is really a girl. Hmmm.... Quite the dilemma.

In other news, adopted Sal the gander may be coming back. I honestly don't understand it. The guy that took him loves geese and has a number of hens and needed a gander for them. He is doing great, looks great, but the owner has been hinting about me taking Sal and his lady friend. He is a wild goose rescuer who has a number of hens and I'm starting to think we fell for a ploy. He wants to bring Sal back along with the hen he is "in love with." And why? Because he doesn't think Sal is as happy there as he was here. I think this was all a farce to get us to take one of his hens. He adopts Sal, then Sal finally bonds with a hen and now he suddenly wants to send Sal back to us and doesn't want to break up the "happy couple." Whatever. We'll take Sal back. I'll ask for the $100 owner surrender fee for the hen though and then I will sever ties with him forever. 

See? This is the kind of underhanded stuff you see when in animal rescue work. Even other shelters take advantage and pull their tricks--anything to unload animals, like they are commodities. It really turns my stomach.  We have hardly any space here as it is for those abandoned to the wild, and I have another sanctuary, with plenty of space, filling up our slots.

Annoying... and sad...

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