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Majestic Diary

May 10, 2008

It was supposed to rain today, but we lucked out and it was a clear day; in fact, it was a great day for working with cement. Tony mixed the cement in the mixer and Isabel and I smoothed it all over the surface--what a great helper she was! The pond is- fenced off right now to keep Mac out of it.

It doesn't look like much now, but on Monday we'll start filling it with water and it will be gorgeous by Tuesday!

We had an adoption application come through today for Winston and Mr. Pearl. Those boys have been here so long waiting for a family... as hard as it is letting go, I would really love to see them find a loving family and a permanent home to call their own.

Here are some photos I took today while in Abby's Goose Run:

Who's the newcomer, Mac?

Peek-a-boo! It's a Mac Attack!

"How'd you get on that side, Momma?"

Mac & Fanny enjoying their new pen...

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