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Majestic Diary

May 13, 2008

Today was an AMAZING day! The Spring issued of the Humane Society's magazine "All Animals" came out. It was in the mail--what a surprise! They did a great job, and I'm really hoping it brings some new supporters our way... and a backhoe. Surely someone out there wants to donate a backhoe to the flock, so we can keep on expanding.

In other news, CL&P (Connecticut Light & Power) came out and put up our new power line going directly to the barn. Yipee! Now we can hook up this beautiful new pump that will do a much better job moving water through the sanctuary ponds.

Now if only TFH Publications would have sent me a "we want to buy your book" email today. That's okay, we have to save something for tomorrow!

CL&P installs power lines to the barn!


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