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Majestic Diary

May 20, 2008

I have not disappeared, I've just been working on my sci-fi novel. Indeed! I need a break from managing the money of huge corporations. Instead, I need to get back to my roots. I've been writing stories since I first learned to hold a pencil. I have piles of children's books, duck books, young adult books... just lying around the house in various stages of production. It's time I give it a real go.

My college professors used to pull me aside and tell me that I could make it in the industry, but never had someone by my side to encourage me to do so. No one I knew wanted to read what I wrote, or could've cared less, and I lost confidence in my writing. Tony loves my writing and wants me to get published. He says that my books are better than most of the books he's read in his life (and he's an avid reader). I remember in college, fellow students would say they learned more from me than from the professors.

So... it is time. I'm giving it a real go. Since losing my job on the 7th, my 87 page book has turned into 122 pages of sci-fi. I'm printing what I have so far for Tony to read to get a good opinion.

In other news (duck & goose news)... We finished re-facing the last of our cement ponds and turned on the new Aqua-duck-t. It's amazing!

I moved "the pit vipers" Duran Duran from West Wing to The Gardens. I have them each in different tiers, so that I can get into the pen without having to dodge alternating strikes. Having them in separate, but neighboring pens keeps them happy and I can get into their enclosures without them teaming up on me. They've lost their edge and I have one of the Duran twins (brown eyes) eating grass out of my hands already. The other Duran will take a little more time, but we'll get there.

And I took this really funny picture of Mac and Bridget going nose to nose. Careful Bridget!


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