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Majestic Diary

May 28, 2008

I haven't had this much worry in my heart since Tutter fell ill last December. We welcomed two new guests on Saturday. Goliath the goose and a duckling we have temporarily dubbed "Lil Bo Peep."

Goliath is HUGE and GORGEOUS and friendly. I have made some real strides in the last few days earning his trust. He came about a foot away from me while I was filling his kiddie pool yesterday. I was sitting down and he came over and looked me right in the eyes with those baby blues of his. He loves it when I mist him with the hose. He splashes around in that pool and has a blast! He and Mac call to each other and chat now and then, but otherwise he is quiet and cozy in West Wing.

Lil Bo Peep passed through a few hands to get to us. Sadly his/her sibling passed away before making it to us. I'd feel better if they had made it here together. Two ducklings are more secure because they have each other. No such luck... Poor Lil Bo Peep cuddles up with "her" little plush duck for comfort. By Saturday night I noticed her breathing was a bit stressed. And then we ran into the holiday weekend. Fortunately, she didn't get any worse. And then on Tuesday morning she was running a temp and panting. I rushed her to the vet first thing and she's on antibiotics now. All day yesterday I worried and fawned over her. She was so hot, her skin was red beneath her fluff. Her bill was hot, her feet were hot. Her whole body felt hot. I don't like interfering too much with a fever--the regulatory system, but I did put her in the tub about 5 times yesterday and once in the sink. It seemed to really relieve her. In the meantime, she had a blast playing in the tub and has been eating and eating and eating! Which is probably what saved her--her insatiable appetite. Last night she had her 2nd dose of meds and her fever began to break by about 8 o'clock p.m.  I checked on her all night and each time found that she was not panting and resting very comfortably. She is still running a slight temp today, but her skin is its normal pink again and only her bill and feet are warm. Appetite is still voracious and she is cheeping right now! So cute!!!

Funny story is, Dr. Melgey came out of surgery to see her real quick. I was handling something at the front counter before joining him. I walk into the room and he's holding this squiggly and wriggly little duckling, trying to listen to her breathing with his stethoscope. I laughed and said, "Does this make you miss Tutter?" We all cracked up and we talked about how great it was that Tutter went to his new home without even the slightest limp--more than any of us could have hoped for.

Then, I went back to the front counter and they brought out the meds. Liquid and pink (why the heck do animal antibiotics come in cherry flavor? What animal eats cherries? Shouldn't it be fish flavor?). I look at Lee and I said: "I think I'd rather give a pill to a goose. Something tells me we're going to have a pink duckling by the end of the day. Anyone want to come up and volunteer today? Anyone?"

In other news, it's kind of hard to see in this photo, but Tony worked on the Aqua-Duck-T over the weekend. Now that we have electricity and the new super pump is working, he has been adding water features. You can see the piping going around the Courtyard pond. After circulating to all the other ponds, it shoots back into the main pond. Lots more fun things coming, like a shower in Abby's Goose Run and running water features in some of our other pens too!


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