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Majestic Diary

January 6, 2008

Nice warm day again today! I brought Tutter outside again to sit amongst his goosey friends. I get the sense that his patience with not being able to walk has run out. He's getting frustrated.

His next vet appointment is coming in a couple days. I'm going to see if the vet will draw a sample from the area to determine what's in there. we have got to get this guy on his feet again before he gives up on himself. It has already been two weeks--and that's two weeks too long.

The unusually warm weather seems to have sparked spring fever among the drakes. Young Matthew is chasing Young Jeffrey around, trying to keep him away from the hens, and I saw Aladdin chasing after jezebel. I made a few pen changes to give everyone a rest. as soon as the cold comes again, they will all settle down for at least a month. the trouble tends to really begin around mid February--oh joy...

Tutter enjoying an outside day

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