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Majestic Diary

January 7, 2008

It has been unusually quiet on the rescue side of things (knock on wood). We are hoping it's because people found us easier and earlier this year--explaining all the fall rescues. I hope this is the case, as we are pretty full. we can't take any more geese and we only have room for a few hens.

Adoptions were slow this year--not many went to new homes, which leaves less space for newcomers. We thought we were going to adopt Jasmine & Aladdin as well as Asaru & Tiwana, but they fell through. It is very hard to find adopting families with predator proof pens. most people free range, lose them to predators and then want to adopt a new flock from us. sorry... we don't supply food to the local predators.

Elijah goes for the gold with his gal Jezebel!

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