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Majestic Diary

August 16, 2008

The pens seem so different. Glory and Elijah were real personality figures and without them, it just feels kind of lonely and empty there. I know there are so many other wonderful ducks, but to lose two with such spirit has left an odd silence over the enclosures.

But... I took a deep breath, or maybe three, and took a step forward. I drove Fifi to her new home today. It was a long drive, on hardly any sleep, but well worth it to see Tutter, Angelo, Bindy and Tova again. Mademoiselle Fifi joined their family today.

I arrived to the house while Sue (adopter) was still running an errand. I walked back to the pen and called out, "Where's my Root-toot-toot Tutter?" and suddenly two geese peeked around the corner. And their eyes and stretched out necks said it all: "Did you hear that? Was that Momma?"

They stood there watching and not moving, so I went back to the car to get Fifi's carrier and the boys came running up to the fence as if saying:  "Wait! Don't go! We remember, we remember!" It was just so wonderful. They both look amazing.

And look at Bindy's ten ducklings!

I stayed for an hour and then made the long trip home, with one contact no less. It was a hard drive following a very difficult day, but there was warmth and love in it and it truly helped. Sue was wonderful, what a great Momma Goose she has become!

Now I need a nap...


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