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Majestic Diary

August 17, 2008

Remembering Elijah in photos...

Good-bye is just too small a word...

Feeding Elijah before the rescue 10/23/04

Elijah on his rescue day 11/19/04

Elijah quacking 1/15/05

Elijah in his new home with Lucy February 2005

Elijah comes back to us after raccoon attack 4/22/05

Elijah on the road to recovery 5/4/05

Jake The Drake and Elijah, best friends and roommates 6/11/05

Me carrying Jake The Drake & Elijah to Mallard Moat for a swim 7/3/05

Jezebel & Elijah in love 9/14/05

Elijah goes to Pet Rock and is a huge hit 9/17/05

Elijah and Jezebel 10/16/05

Elijah and Joven become roomies 11/12/05

Joven & Elijah playing 11/12/05

Elijah angel 11/12/05

Elijah cleaning his belly 12/2/06

Elijah with the ladies (Vixen, Jezebel, Kayla & Vida) 1/4/07

"Squints" quacks happily 8/31/07

Elijah and Aladdin become roomies 9/1/07

Elijah struts his stuff 9/30/07

Super close-up of Elijah smiling 10/28/07

Elijah flappin 12/20/07

Jasmine, Aladdin & Elijah 1/19/08

Whoops!  1/19/08

Give me a hug! 2/24/08

Elijah chases the girls! (Jezebel, Deirdre, Vida) 3/25/08

Elijah bragging (Aladdin & Jasmine) 3/25/08

Lettuce boat snacks 5/23/08

Tripping the cat 5/08

Aladdin & Elijah 6/13/08

Look, I'm an airplane! 8/5/08

You ladies need any company? 8/5/08

Elijah & Jezebel true love forever 8/5/08

Elijah's last day at the sanctuary 8/15/08

Good-bye, my love... 8/15/08


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