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Majestic Diary

January 17, 2008

It probably isn't fair that I'm expecting Tutter to be on his feet every morning that I go in to check on him. Perhaps I'm asking for too much, too fast.

He was doing very well and had even rejoined the gaggle, residing in a small pen within the Goose Run. His friend Angelo right at his side.  The both of them sitting out in the sunshine, soaking up the warmth. 

And then Tutter lost his appetite again. Back into the infirmary during the evening, and out in the barn with the ducks during the day. He went to the vet for an Adequan shot and was moving his leg within the first day… but, he was not up and walking. He's learning to stand up on his good leg, flap his wings and hop around, but that's not good enough for my Tutter-Tut. I want more for him!

So we are back on a feeding schedule, serving up ground up Mazuri food and Smartwater (with electrolytes) to get his energy up. He has lost 4 pounds since the onset of his infection, good thing he was a bit overweight or we'd be facing a whole other set of issues.

So I spend my evenings sitting with him and petting him, giving him swims in the tub and squirting squishy food down his throat. OUCH! Tutter--no biting!

Angelo "The Airplane" stands vigil over his best friend Tutter

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