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Majestic Diary

October 15, 2008

Lots going on... in between all the new ducks and geese coming, I have been looking for a new job. Yes... it is time that I get back into the groove. I would love to find a part time, 4 day a week job, but part time work is hard to find. Not sure why that is. Even though you hear the hype about big companies offering work-from-home positions, job-sharing or part time employment for working mothers, but it just isn't out there. They may have the procedural set-up in place, but in actuality, they don't truly offer these types of positions--not as far as I can see.

I know Aetna (insurance) offers work from home positions, but not in the credit/collections field, which is my field. I sure would like to see more companies follow suit, especially with the cost of gas being what it is.

Anyway, that's what I'm doing--in addition to taking care of all of the ducks and geese.

Trinity duckling turned out to be a boy, not a girl, so we changed his name to "Switch," keeping with the Matrix theme. I realize Switch was a girl in the movie, but she was a tomboy and it seems fitting considering the circumstances. 

Neo & Switch

In other news Miri and Benny have become best friends. This is just so amazing to me. Miri lost her best friend Glory in August. The girls had been together for nearly 10 years. Glory always struggled to walk and in the end succumbed to lameness and old age.

It has been a real effort to try to coax Miri into the remaining flock. She and Glory always shared their time together and sort of distanced themselves mentally from the others--a flock within the flock. When Glory was euthanized, I worked diligently to bring nightcrawlers into the pen every day to get Miri to gather around with the others. I spent extra time with Miri to help her feel a part of things, but although she is cohesive with the others, she insists on keeping her distance from them as well. She has been lonely without her dear friend.

A few days ago, I introduced Benny to the flock of girls and by his 2nd day in the pen with the ladies he and Miri had formed an inseparable bond. Miri always settles beside him and I even see her giving him the hugs that she only shared with Glory before. This guy is just striking a familiar chord in her. She knows he is not Glory, but she relates to him and understands him and wants to take care of him in the same way she once protected Glory.

It both brings me happiness and sorrow to see this reaction in her. To clearly witness the longing she experiences for her lost friend and to see healing as she finds someone new to direct her love and caring to. These ducks just amaze me. They truly do. How anyone could fool themselves into believing that they do not experience emotions or feel the things we feel is totally beyond me.

Benny (front) and Miri (back)

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