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Majestic Diary

March 3, 2009

Well... darn it... Tommy tested positive for parasites. We have Winston & Mr. Pearl scheduled to come tomorrow for a week of duck-sitting and I can't put them in the quarantine pen. I will have to put them in The Gate House instead. Which means Dutch won't have a pen... I'm going to have to figure something out... maybe section off part of another pen for him. Hmmmm...

We will treat Tommy, Obama and Demi all for parasites since they are in neighboring pens and we don't want to take any chances. I'll have to bump out their "ready for adoption" dates at least 2 weeks. We'll get them all better.

I was chatting with Jenn the other day and was trying to explain our waterfowl tracking system. Indeed, we do have one!

These are our two bird boards. The top one is the nighttime schematic and the bottom one is the daytime schematic. When new ducks/geese arrive, we take a photo of them and make up 2 magnets for each bird (one for each board).

Each board has the layout of pens diagramed on it and each of the bird magnets are placed in the appropriate pens. In case of emergency, someone can come in and see exactly which birds are in which pens during the day and understand where they need to be moved that night. Each bird also has a medical file in a file cabinet close by.

The boards are currently very similar to each other because we are in the midst of some very bad weather and the barn gang is staying inside for a couple of days instead of moving outside.

Below is a close-up photo of the barn at night. There are 5 kennels in the barn. Two of them are currently empty. You can see who are in the other 3 kennels:

Each individual magnet tells a lot about the bird featured:

The name of the bird is always across the top with a photo of them below it.

The triangles in the upper left hand corner indicate which birds we would like to adopt out together (Dutch and Princess both have light blue, matching triangles). Our retired ducks all have red triangles. Benny has an orange triangle and Jelina has a blue striped triangle. Neither Benny or Jelina are currently paired off with another duck for adoption.



Jelina and Benny both have a small crutch on their magnet to indicate they have a limp on one side.



You won't see any featured here, but we use 2 crutches for ducks who have issues with both legs. Glory's magnet used to have this when she was with us.



Jelina has 2 green circles on her magnet which means she is wearing 2 green zip-tie leg bands to help indentify her from the others.



Retired ducks do not have leg bands. Aside from our retirees, Benny is the only other bird here who does not have a leg band because we think we are going to retire him. Every other bird here has either one or two zip-ties on their leg to help identify them.

Each magnet also has a little pink or blue heart, which indicates whether they are male or female.


Also not featured above is our red eye gif, which appears on the magnets of birds who are either blind in one eye or have any type of eye injury or scarring around their eye. We put two of these gifs on the magnet of any bird who has sustained injuries to both eyes.



Combined, all of this information tells the viewer a lot about each duck and goose and it helps us communicate with each other as well. We also use the wipe away boards to write notes to one another or special instructions.


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