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Majestic Diary

March 7, 2009

Tony and I had been measuring the cement ponds in the pens when we came inside and saw a message on our machine. Our local animal control officer called because someone had called her saying a white duck was in their backyard. She gave us the address and phone number. We called them and then drove about 5 minutes to their house. We were expecting a Muscovy and hoping for a hen, but... a boy it was. We don't have room for any more boys, but when I caught him I saw that he had frostbite on his face nodule, two missing toe nails and frostbite around them too (and on his webbing). So... I brought him to the pet carrier and loaded him in. We're just going to have to make room because I could not bear to leave him.

Tony named him: Jack Frost. We brought him to our basement infirmary and treated him with a wormer and a delouser. Then we put on his leg band and gave him a Baytril. Then we let him be so he would settle down. Poor guy...


Once Jack Frost was settled, we headed out to find preformed liners for our cement ponds because we are getting tired of re-facing them every year, which not only takes a lot of time, but also costs money and at some time the cement is going to add up to more than the ponds, so we are going to nip this in the bud now. The other issue is the ponds are never usable until we can set a few weekends aside to repairing them and that can't happen until Spring is REALLY here. If the ground freezes after we repair any cracks, they just break again. This means that the ducks and geese can't enjoy their ponds on the random spring-like days like this weekend.

So we headed out and found a place with reasonable prices. Tony figured that it costs about $1.00 for every gallon of water the pond holds. It's going to cost us between $500-$600 for all of the ponds, but it will be well worth it. They are a lifetime investment. And the owner agreed to give us 10% if we supply our tax exempt certificate. Yippee!

The store was awesome and had lots of duck and goose stuff in it. I am going to bring the girls there when they come up for their visit this June. I wish I had a job, I would have wiped out half of the store--ha ha!



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