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Majestic Diary

March 8, 2009

It was another gorgeous day today! Tony did a lot of little pen maintenance items like resetting hook & eye latches on gates so they match up again. He reset some top rails and he reset the door to the Gardens. All these things are effected by the winter and ground heaving. Minor adjustments have to be made to set everything right again... just part of the fun of living in wetlands.

Meanwhile I pitched hay out of the barn and cleaned things up a bit. When I finished Isabel came outside and wanted to help. We both went into the Gardens, me with my wheelbarrow and she with her little one. I brought my big tools, she grabbed her smaller ones. Together we raked out Lilly and Piper's pen and cleaned it all up real nice. I did a tiny bit of cleaning in Barney and Jessie's pen, but it only needed it around their little house. Spencer & Penny's pen looks perfect, so we left it alone.

We both filled our wheelbarrows and rolled them over to the landfill pile. It was a lot of fun--some good Mommy/daughter time. I told her I would add her to our Volunteer page on the website and she was very excited about that. She loves to collect eggs and fill up feeders and water buckets, so it's about time I do that. I want to get a good photo of her with her tools working though. She is a hard little worker. She even helped me dig around the gates, so that they swing full-open again. Our grown-up volunteers won't even do that much!

After finishing the pen cleaning, she disappeared inside the house and then came back out to the barn with her homework, drinks and Winston and Mr. Pearl's peas. We have been duck-sitting W&P this week and their new momma packed them lunch bags filled with peas for each day they are here. So while I played with the boys and fed them their veggie snacks, she worked on her homework as she sat in her chair next to Dutch. Look at those little toes!

Winston & Mr. Pearl:

As if that were not enough... the Goose Run is pretty muddy (all the pens are this time of year), so I brought out a kiddie pool and filled it for them to clean up in. Ay yi yi... what a lot of trouble that caused. Mac had to swim in it first, of course... I mean that goes without saying. Then his second hand man, Lewy, went for a swim. Then Joop! hopped in and when he was done, Fanny hopped in--which meant Mac had to get right in there for his whoopie-making. Then Lewy got in with them and said, "Me next!" and surprisingly Mac did not chase him off.

Mac did fight with Joop! though, and I later realized that it happened when Mac tried mating with Jett (we are still torn over whether Jett is a girl or boy). Jett didn't like it either, so I stepped in and removed Mac from the pool. Then Joop! laid his neck and head over Jett to reassure him... err... her... oh, I don't know! But it was really sweet. 

The only one I didn't see get in the pool was Victor-Victoria (formerly Violet). He kept walking up to it, but selfish Mac kept jumping in the pool, keeping him from having a turn (but I'm sure he eventually did when we weren't around). They had so much fun in there, I had to refill the pool three times before calling it quits. They all looked much cleaner and were certainly very happy about the whole thing. Don't worry, goosies, your new pond is coming soon!

"MY pool. Mine, mine, mine! Everyone else, get in line!"  -- Mac


Victor-Victoria "Vic" waiting for his turn while selfish Mac hogs the pool


Photos of Jett:

It's like "Where's Waldo" ... can you see all six geese in this photo? Lewy is nearly invisible, way-way-way in the back. Oh, give it up... he's too hard to find unless you know exactly where to look. But there's Mac... dominating the pool again.


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